Birding in Uganda.

Uganda is a haven of natural beauty, from rivers and lakes, mountains, wild animals even a good people, Birds are are no exception as they form a big part of this beauty with over 1000 species. Both endemic and migrant birds find Uganda a favorable place to call home. a bird watcher is assured of at-least 150 bird species exclusive to Uganda which is a promise to a great birding experience.

Guinea-fowl is one of those rare bird species that are a true testament to the variety and uniqueness of birds of Uganda with only 6 species world wide and three of those only found in Uganda. other bird species like the Shoe-bill(rear and localized to Uganda), Marabou Stork with it’s habitats including city centers, Orange weaver, Black- headed lapwing, Black bee eater, African jacana to mention but a few, you will be spoilt for choice as you get to encounter new, exciting and beautiful bird species all around in Uganda.

There are so many places to watch birds in Uganda, if your are a visitor you can get to sport birds right from the time you enter the country in different places around Entebbe namely:- Mabamba swamp(home to the elusive shoe bill) and so many other birds, the Entebbe Botanical gardens home to the African Eagle, Broad Billed Roller, Woodland kingfisher, Grey plantain-eater to mention but a few. all  a stroll away from your Entebbe lodging.

Queen Elizabeth national park deep in the country’s south west is another place that never disappoints when it comes to bird watching as there are so many bird species to spot in this wild part of the country. it has a record of over 600 bird species which include:- Eagles, Vultures, Plovers, Larks, Night-jars, Weavers, Swallows, Nubian Wood peckers, Grey-headed kingfishers, Lesser flamingos among the many others all over the parks famous siting grounds. most of the birds found here are famous in East Africa but the park offers you an opportunity to see it all in one place! Murchison falls national park is also another place to watch birds in Uganda with birds like African darter, Goliath heron, Yellow-billed stork, Secretary bird, Osprey among others. Other places like lake Mburo, Budongo forest, Bwindi impenetrable and so many unlisted places around the country will offer a bird watcher unsolicited bird sightings  any time any day. Just take a stroll around Uganda early in the morning and late in the evening and you will be graced by birds singing from all directions.