Camping in the Wild”Queen Elizabeth National Park”

Queen Elizabeth national park was the destination this time. located in the southwestern part of Uganda, the park is the ¬†true definition of the African wild.great stories can be told about it’s tree climbing lions, vast Savannah and bushes, the different bird species, the famous kazinga channel with its mighty hippos and crocodiles among other incredible things found at this wild life haven.

We were no strangers to all these incredible stories so we decided to go experience it ourselves but with a twist to it we decided to go camping in the wild! Excited, expectant and ready our backpacks in hand and ready to head…only stopping to grab a snack , refuel and continuing. crossing through regions from central,western to the far southwestern part of ¬†Uganda taking in all we could see as we got out of town to the hilly country side, the forests with there surprise sittings of monkeys and baboons all just in the beginning of our trip.

And we arrived, exhausted but not enough to kill our excitement. We were camping in the wild!! right in the middle of a game park!with hippos and elephants roaming all over the place imagine that. We set our tents literally in a 100 meters of a hippo infested water body and on occasion we spotted the enormous beasts emerge from the water to graze in the nearby thickets as they are known feed at night-literally ignoring us but alert at any attempt of interference it was incredible but of course we had been briefed on how to conduct our selves by the experienced guides “don’t get too close, don’t threaten or provoke them and we can all co-exist” the guide said we did just that and all we got was the occasional uhmmming or gracing us with their presence no harm intended. like I was saying we put up our tents, set our selves a fire, freshened-up and got out our silly selves to keep warmer and silly enough to forget we were camping with wild animals. it was a good kind of silly though as these were moments we were going to live with for life. stories around the fire, dares and anything in-between just to keep active,keep our fears away as well as maximizing the excitement!

Resting for only a few hours and heading out again. this time round looking out for more game, African elephants, buffaloes, kobs, lions,leopards and lots of birds. just let your imagination wander because in the “African jungle” you get to see all this. heading into town for lunch, cruise the kazinga channel to see the water inhabitants, afternoon games and then head back to our camping site. grab a light supper, freshen-up and bum! “nyama choma” roasting meat in the wild!! our nights kept getting better as well as our days as we had encounters with more wild life and there different ways of prey, survival and way of living all the while experiencing cool wild days and still jungle nights filled with whispers in the wild.