facts about the giraffe


  1. The giraffe is the tallest terrestrial mammal, with an adult male growing up to 20 feet tall.
  2. Giraffes have alarmingly short necks and as a result have to awkwardly bend their legs to get a drink of water
  3. Male giraffes are significantly more bigger than females
  4. Giraffes are even toed ungulates and are in the same family as cows, pigs and whales
  5. Giraffes are ruminants
  6. Giraffes mate very quickly
  7. giraffes can go without water for several days since most of their water comes from plants
  8. The horn like structures on a giraffe’s head are called ossicones
  9. Just like human finger prints giraffe spots vary with every individual animal.
  10. Giraffes spend most of their lives standing up
  11. Giraffes sleep for not more than 30 minutes over 24 hours and achieve this through 2 or 3 minute naps