To the ardent birder, Uganda is the perfect bird watching haven with over 1060 bird species at your disposal. You will never be bored with the Albertine rift endemics, forest specialists, swamp dwellers, waders, migrants, rarities or endangered species to mention but a few. We will avail the perfect tailor made package for you depending on your specifications or interests all in beautiful destinations that provide perfect photographic scenarios. Our birding guides have vast knowledge on both the habitats and the dwellers themselves which will leave even the most experienced birder marveling!

We have a number of Uganda birding safari packages we have carefully put together you would be spoiled for choice. You could also contact our team with your preferences and we will happily put a package together that will blow you away. Uganda is home to half of Africa’s bird population making it the perfect birding destination! You can actually combine your birding safari with a game drive, community visit, primate traking , boat cruise or mountain hiking to spice up your trip.

Popular bird watching sites include Queen Elizabeth national park is home to the larget concentration of bird species up to 600 species recorded and second in line is Murchison falls park home to over 451 species. Other spots include Mabamba swamp, Bwindi forest, Kibale forest, Kidepo valley, Lake victoria, Budongo forest, Mabira forest among others.